This game is popular because it’s fun wrong well that’s what I think. I think it’s popular because of the math you have to calculate.

CP IS INPORTANT to vs gyms. You need lots of cp like over 9000 to vs a gym the POKEMON have weight and hight this is how you battle. Pokémon plus cp when they evolve.

1306 cp- 603 cp=703 cp

703+ 603=1306

The bully on the bus goes round and round

It’s so magical Kathryn apel visited our school and showed us all of her famous books the book names were, on track,  Too many friends, this is the mud, fencing with fear and bully on the bus. She made poems about thing then made the poems into the thing. She told us about how the bully on the bus was partly based on real story how her son got bullied on the bus and she saw her older son gave ester egg to the little son because they got stollen.

My favourite book Is bully on the bus.

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Kathryn Apel


Click on the picture to visit a wonderful blog.

A very plane post

Today we made paper planes and recorded the length, width, area and height. Stay tuned to find out the distance and the time aloft. This is one of the websites I used, http://paperaeroplanes.com/thelion I’m predicting the distance will be 2m for plane#1 and plane#2. This dart went flying like da wind. This is a paper plane video of the guy that made the worlds best paper plane, https://youtu.be/2n4xq0DnbHI.














Today we saw a play called the human race it was one of the funniest plays I have ever seen in my life. It was about two teams. In those teams in those teams were Dunc and Deedee on the blue team and on the green team was kimbo and kane they all had different personalities. Dunc was the nice one that wanted to win the human race to go to the Athens to see his very sick Grandma. Deedee was mean to her best friend kimbo by putting up a mean photo of her on snapchat, instagram and Facebook. Kimbo is a shy girl that is embarrsed that Deedee posted that photo of her and she also made her lie about her age. Kane was just trying to be cool but he just cheated. But in the end it was a tie but then kimbo admitted that she cheated so then dunc and Deedee went to the grand final.




img_0940This week we have been doing coding. We had little games that we instructed. I did artist and solar system. Working out the angles and the straight Lines and how they work was so hard here’s a picture. My solar system didn’t work because Saturn took over.

Information report

Here is my introductory paragraph to my information report…

Tornadoes are one of many natural disasters in the world. These happen when hot and cold air meet and make a wind that gets bigger and bigger and makes a tornado and causes trouble for man kind.